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Impacting Our Society & Serving Our Community
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Religious Sector


To shape, influence and affect change within the religious sector of the world.

Strategic Views

In order to impact the world's religious sector it is important to take strategic steps aimed at reaching local, regional, national and international areas where support is needed.


This sector of society serves to support the spiritual needs of our society.  Central to this goal is its vigorous support of programs aimed at ensuring the relevance of the Religious Sector throughout the 21st Century and beyond.

Tactical Actions 

Through the structure provided by IMPACT MINISTERIAL FELLOWSHIP - we are aimed at providing an avenue of relational accountability for church leaders - we will train, develop and launch local ministry leaders to effectively serve and facilitate the growth of their congregation, communities and the greater society.

Through our relationships with members of the NEW JERSEY CLERGY ASSOCIATION, we will continue to establish solid alliances among clergy leaders within the state of New Jersey.  These relationships serve to eradicate the barriers that separate people of various religious backgrounds within society.

Through PRISON MINISTRIES we will continue to serve the six correctional facilities now supported in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area. These ministries provide a variety of services to inmates, including Bibles, books and spiritual development literature.  Our volunteers conduct worship services and facilitate Bible studies and training classes to prepare inmates for their re-entry into society.


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