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Impacting Our Society & Serving Our Community
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Five Sector Alliance Group
Societies cannot survive and sustain themselves unless there are alliances across sectors to ensure progress. The Five Sectors Alliance consists of partnerships across the business/economic, family, religious, political and education sector of any society. These sectors are the fundamental building block of any nation. We welcome you to partner with us for the betterment of our families, communities, societies and world.

 We are committed to impacting each of these important societal areas with sound principles and strategies designed to create a wholesome society that is constantly being transformed and enhanced.

Have an issue that impacts society and your community? Be part of the solution.
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Upcoming Events

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2009 Five Sectors Gala
The 2009 Five Sectors Gala will be held on November 13, 2009 (more information to come).  In 2007 the Five Sectors Gala honored outstanding select leaders of each sector for their efforts in making an IMPACT on society.  Read more. >

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Center For Business Excellence

The Center for Business Excellence (CBE), serves to assist members of the community in key areas of business development.  The CBE will provide training, assistance, and support aimed at helping entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders in such areas as:

Business mentorship and networking

Advanced business education

Business training

Access to experienced business professionals

Our mission is to connect your great business ideas and strategies with successful members of the business community who can help you realize the optimal return on the investment of your time, talent, treasures, and dreams.


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