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Government & Political Sector


To influence and support policymakers and government leaders at every level - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - through strategic  and dialog.

Strategic Views

In order to impact the world's political sector it is important to take tactical and strategic action, including direct involvement with key government agencies and organizations.

This sector represents the expression of our society's will for the governance of interactions between individuals, between individuals and federal and between our nation and the world. The Five Sector Alliance intends to support this sector using the following mission, strategic views, and tactical actions:

Tactical Actions

Through its affiliated organizations, the Five Sectors Alliance has established key relationships with both state and national legislators including, the NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR'S OFFICE, the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, and the OFFICE OF FAITH BASED INITIATIVES to impact the standards, policies and structure of rules and laws that govern our cities, state and country. On the National level the Five Sectors Alliance has members who serve on many foundations and organizations that frequently interact with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to offer insights on various subjects.fsa_government

Internationally, we foster and develop political relationships in the CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AMERICA, and AFRICA. The intent of these relationships is to impact the movements of goods and services to help underdeveloped countries meet the felt-needs of their people.



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