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Family Sector


The Five Sectors Alliance is non- profit organization committed to enhancing educational opportunities for youth, engaging in strategic business partnerships, and building healthy and sustainable communities through education and resource development.

Strategic Views

In order to impact the world's family sector it is important to take tactical and strategic positions on issues and topics related to the rejuvenation and stabilization of the family.

This important sector represents the fundamental building block of our society, influencing the development of our children and communities. The Five Sector Alliance is committed to the following mission, strategic views, and tactical actions relative to the Family Sector:

Tactical Actions

As a member of the NEW JERSEY FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL, we provide advice for the creation of sound policies that impact families, both domestically and internationally.

THE CHRIST CHURCH MEDICAL TEAM - The Medical Team has traveled the globe accompanying the pastoral team in bringing free medical services equipment to Third World countries.

MARRIAGE ENHANCEMENT - Group study to help strengthen family relationships.

DEVELOPMENTAL MINISTRY - Age based groups and entities ranging from children, youth and young adult designed to help them become contributing members of society by addressing societal and community challenges.

SUPPORT SERVICES - Themed groups designed to help singles and married people alike overcome painful life experiences. Examples of these services are: DivorceCare, Boundaries, Overcomers and GriefShare.

BRIDGES TO FAITH - Training sessions to empower individuals with special learning needs and their families to become active participants in the community


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