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Education Sector


To influence, serve and effect change in education development and deployment locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Strategic Views

In order to impact the world's global community it is important to take tactical and strategic positions to expand and enhance the role of education in the lives of citizens.

This key sector of society impacts the future by developing the minds and intellectual strength of its individuals.  The Five Sector Alliance offers the following mission, strategic views and tactical actions:

Tactical ActionsBooks Picture
IMPACT Community Development Corp. (IMPACT CDC) has established Winners Wait and The Abigail Project.  Winners Wait is a three-year abstinence-based peer leadership program that targets middle school and high school youth in grades 6 through 12.  The primary goal of the Abigail project is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for victims of domestic violence that promotes healing and self-sufficiency.

Trinity Academy - Our Pre-K through Grade 1 elementary school program, offers children a safe learning environment that contributes to their holistic development.

The Learning Center and Youth Leadership Institute, focuses on the training and development of youth and adults and the establishment of educational programs for strengthening people in the areas of aptitude tests and vocational training.

The Legal Clinic serves the community-at-large by offering low-cost consultation and referral information to individuals in the areas of corporate, employment, matrimonial and criminal law. The Legal Clinic also offers free seminars and sponsors a mock trial competition for young adults.

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