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Impacting Our Society & Serving Our Community
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Corporate Vision

A Vision...

is a powerful force. It helps establish direction, objectives, timetables, and lifelong pursuits. Because our organization constantly strives to remain on the cutting edge in meeting societal needs, our vision can be capsulated in one word - IMPACT.



Our message on promoting reconciliation and restoration among the races is a very real one to us. Acceptance of people is our calling and our passion. We believe that increased reconciliation can be achieved in each sector of society—religious, government and political, education, business and economics, and among families.


 Our aim is to strengthen the Five Sectors of Society by meeting the felt needs of the people served by each sector. We promote programs that tangibly assist families, entrepreneurs, students, politicians, and ministry volunteers and leaders in fulfilling their dreams for a healthy and productive future.


 We strive to prepare the next generation to reach its potential. This is done through such innovative methods of instruction as mentoring and interactive training programs that produce enduring and effective leadership skills in every sector.


Education must be sought and embraced. We promote academic advancement in each of the Five Sectors of Society. A key focus of the Five Sector Alliance is to facilitate the ongoing education of entrepreneurs, religious lay and professional leaders, civic volunteers and workers, teachers, and to provide ongoing family life training for parents, marriages, and teens.


We believe that serving the needs of communities is part of our responsibility toward strengthening the Five Sectors of Society. We have declared “war” against the social plagues of chemical abuse, poverty, family crises, illiteracy and sub-standard education, religious segregation, and the ever-widening disconnect between government leaders and the people they serve.


Specialized training for entrepreneurs, civic leaders, teachers, ministry leaders, and parents is needed to provide a strong society in the 21st century and beyond. The Five Sectors Alliance is focused on partnering with effective leaders who will implement programs that successfully advance each sector of society and develop emerging leaders that will strengthen our society for generation to come..

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