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Impacting Our Society & Serving Our Community
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Business & Economic Sector


To influence and affect the lives of business leaders and the operations of business centers both domestically and internationally.

Strategic Views

It is important to take a tactical and strategic position that will lead the Business and Economic sector to operate based on sound doctrine toward increased efficiency, profitability and economic opportunities.

This sector of society is where we expend energies for the continued growth and development of our economy in order to provide for and nurture our families and communities. The mission, strategic views, and tactical actions of the Five Sectors Alliance are as follows:

Tactical Actions

The Center for Advanced Strategic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania convenes two to three times per year. It is a gathering of senior executives from across America and the world to discuss issues paramount to business and to forecast the possible futures that exist in society. As a member of the Jones Center, we send associates to these all-important annual meetings to determine strategic futures, the impact on religion, and the necessary steps we should take as a church to impact society.

In 2006, the Center for Business Excellence was launched.  The CBE consists of fsa_businesssenior level public executives who teach various courses central to the development of professionals.  It also serves as an educational vortex for the broader community, providing such services as access to capital, mentoring and advice regarding academic pursuits.  The Center  for Business Excellence partners with business sector enterprises for the purposes of impacting the greater society.

The Wharton Small Business Development Corporation at the University of Pennsylvania focuses on the review, examination, projections, management and implementation of business and economic plans. In 2006, the Five Sectors Alliance will formulate a partnership with Wharton to facilitate the presentation and review of select  business plans for completeness and possible access to capital. Plans will be reviewed for conciseness, completeness, assessment of the competitive environment and management insight for business continuation.


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