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Impacting Our Society & Serving Our Community
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The Five Sectors Alliance

The Five Sectors Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing educational opportunities for youth, engaging in strategic business partnerships, and building healthy and sustainable communities through education and resource development.

We Are Committed...

to impacting each of these important societal areas with sound principles and strategies designed to create a wholesome society that is constantly being transformed and enhanced.

The Education Sectorfsa_globe
Impacts the future of our society by developing the minds and intellectual strength of its individuals.

The Religious Sector
Serves to support the spiritual needs of our society.                                                                  

The Family Sector
The fundamental building block of our society, that influences the development of our children and communities.

The Business and Economic Center
Where we expend our energies for the continued growth and development of our economy in order to provide for and nurture our families and communities.

The Government and Political Sector
The expression of our society's will for the governance of interactions between individuals, between individuals and federal, state and local governments and between our nation and the world. 


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